We believe in the Open Source community

The Open Source community inspires us to become creators of digital assets that meet industry standards and offer them free of charge, for the benefit of anybody who wants to use them to create their own digital products or experiences.

We’re proudly standing on top of the shoulders of other Open Source projects, as Blender, from which we love and closely follow their main statement:

Open source 3D creation. Free to use for any purpose, forever.


In a similar way, we want to support the Open Source creation of creative projects like intellectual properties, digital products or experiences, tools, techniques, or many, many others. Creative projects often start with quick and easy prototyping that serves the purpose of facilitating the funding of a project that scales into the need of a large and diverse team of professionals, a phenomenon that creates job opportunities and helps develop the creative industry.

The Open Assets project

Beyond the collaboration we are directly involved in, we create Open Assets that help teams reduce costs during their prototyping process and therefore reduce the cost of pursuing funding for a creative project. Just as our academy members learn from collaborating on the construction of some of the assets, users can learn from using this assets and rely on their quality to quickly prototype amazing creative projects that allow them to get started on the creative industry.

Open Collaboration

Open Source is all about diversity and collaboration, so we contribute on different Open Source projects and form part of many open communities. Just as we provide Open Assets on several marketplaces, we get involved in creating assets tailored for more specific needs. This helps us staying up to date with the industry needs and gain more experience to provide more complex Open Assets.

We are open to host anybody capable that wants to get on board of our movement and contribute with knowledge and skills. We have a diverse and safe community in which tolerance is the golden rule. We openly and proudly support freedom of identity and the development of marginated groups all around the world.

What do we want to do?

We want to work our way to making all of our assets Open Assets. This means getting to a point in which we stop charging for the products we create and also to a point in which our assets are compatible with any industry related software.

For this we need collaborators that share this goal and also have the skills to meet the industry standards. This is where our academy comes in. By providing knowledge and work opportunities to students, while also getting experienced mentors enrolled, we grow and become more capable of providing more Open Assets, while also preparing generations of young professionals that will help develop the creative industry.

In order to be able to create the academy program, we need donations to help us get hardware, software licenses, promotion and salaries. Currently we charge for our assets to fund this efforts, but have decided to search for Patreons to expand our reach and remain coherent with our vision.