Choose a meaningful path

As stated in our manifesto, we are an open non profit organization modeled after open source organizations. We exist to help local talent reach international markets on the digital arts like 3D or 2D. Our free open assets enable small teams with production quality and easy implementation, while our premium licensed assets allow us to create work for students and help us fund our efforts.

The Communication squad is growing and in the need of activating all of our digital communication channels, and so the need for a dedicated professional that owns and drives our community-related channels has risen.

We currently are not offering salaries to our members, but you can be a part of our history and help us secure funding that will bring salaries for everybody in.

You would be leading the Communication squad, boosting our digital presence and spreading the reach of our community, and also collaborating in many efforts that will shape our future as an organization.


  1. Help in the creation of a yearly content plan
  2. Coordinate with the Production squad for the creation of digital assets for the contents
  3. Publish the contents defined on the planning at the targeted dates
  4. Manage the budget for advertisement targeting through platforms with info from the analytics squad
  5. Coordinate with analytics squad to provide analytics info from platforms
  6. Own and operate accounts on different social platforms
    • Linkedin
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Discord

Desirable Skills

  • Understanding of digital communication platforms and social media
  • Ability for using digital publishing platforms
  • Creativity for content generation
  • Eloquence for writing
  • Attention to detail
  • Collaborative mindset
  • Proactive
  • Capable of owning (setting own objectives, reporting completion on them, negotiating dates, etc.)


Please request a call or send your resume to and we will follow up with you.